This guide will help you understand a lot more about car bulbs.

Finding The Right Bulbs
Replacing your car bulbs can be difficult.
A lot of vehicle owners struggle trying to figure out “what bulb does what?” and “what bulb goes where?”.
Luckily, we’re here to help!

Checking Your Vehicle Manual







Sometimes the details for your car, van or motorbike may be incorrect or missing from our database.
Your vehicle manual will usually indicate the type of bulb each application takes.
This information can usually be found within the “Lighting” section of the manual.
Unfortunately, some manufacturers won’t bother with this.
We’ve come across plenty of cars where the information is either missing or not even stated.
If this is the case, then you need to physically take the bulb out and inspect it for yourself.

Manually Inspect Your Bulbs
If you don’t have a manual to hand (or if the info is less than helpful), then the next step would be to remove the bulb from your vehicle and inspect the metal or plastic base of the bulb itself.
This should be marked with specifications telling you what application the bulb is, the wattage and sometimes the colour of the bulb.
The bulb you need should be marked or detailed with an application number such as “H1, D2S, 9005, HIR2 etc“.