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Increased Visibility
Our engineered beam patterns and high output provide better night vision.

Reduced Current Draw
Significantly lower power consumption protects your battery and alternator life.

Longer Life
SYNCRO LED lights last 40+ times longer than halogen lights.

Rugged Durability
Our LED lights are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of any type situation.

Easy Installation
SYNCRO LED lights provide you with a simple plug & play solution.

Our LED work lights provide you with years of maintenance-free operation.


Finding The Right Bulbs

Replacing your car bulbs can be difficult.
A lot of vehicle owners struggle trying to figure out “what bulb does what?” and “what bulb goes where?”.
Luckily, we’re here to help!

Checking Your Vehicle Manual

Sometimes the details for your car, van or motorbike may be incorrect or missing from our database.

Your vehicle manual will usually indicate the type of bulb each application takes.

This information can usually be found within the “Lighting” section of the manual.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers won’t bother with this.

We’ve come across plenty of cars where the information is either missing or not even stated.

If this is the case, then you need to physically take the bulb out and inspect it for yourself.

Manually Inspect Your Bulbs

If you don’t have a manual to hand (or if the info is less than helpful), then the next step would be to remove the bulb from your vehicle and inspect the metal or plastic base of the bulb itself.

This should be marked with specifications telling you what application the bulb is, the wattage and sometimes the colour of the bulb.

The bulb you need should be marked or detailed with an application number such as “H1, D2S, 9005, HIR2 etc“.


All Syncro Automotive Items Have A 1 Year Warranty Included.

- All our solutions are DIY.

- We prefer that installation be done by Syncro Approved Agents.

- Warranty is limited once installation are done by yourself, due to that fact
that clients sometimes handle the product without any care.

- We are not a corporate company with issues when it comes to warranties. If
the workability of the item is not as it should be, we will replace it for you
within the 1 year period.

- 1 Year Warranty is only applicable to the workability of the product, not
installation damage or accident damage.

Eagle Eye International

Syncro Automotive is a registered dealer for Eagle Eye International.

With our chip tuning solution, we can remap your original OEM engine control module for maximum performance and fuel-saving. Eagle Eye’s calibration engineers are one of the largest chip tuning networks in the Southern Hemisphere, with international dealers worldwide.

We offer various tuning options from eco tuning up to custom project tuning, we do it all! We offer also to workshop clients repair solution options for specific switch off modules (dpf/egr/opf) and much more. With the largest option list in the world, we guarantee that we can assist your needs!

Some Of Our Projects

Elvis Blue (Bus Project)

Proud Sponsor of the Elbus Project
Elvis Blue Contacted Us in 2022 and asked us as Syncro Group to be part of the Elbus project, and we are proud to say that we Sponsored all the Lighting on this project.

Elvis Blue Review

APPEL - Oorlog

Proud Sponsor for APPEL - AKA Oorlog
Also a Brand Ambassondor for Syncro Automotive

APPEL Review

Client Feedback

  • Client Review

    Finally changed out the globes for Syncro LED’s. Wish I hadn’t waited so long they are brilliant.

    --Luke Bransby--

  • Client Review

    The bulbs have made a huge difference with visibility and night time driving on my Ford Ranger.
    Highly recommended.

    --Michael Bresler--

  • Client Review

    Uitstekende diens, goeie gehalte ligte vir jou voertuig! Dankie!! Ek beveel dit BESLIS aan!! Gaan kry jou ligte nou!! Gelukkige klient!

    --Jean Smit--