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Dual Tuning Solution

Dual Tuning Solution

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Eagle is Proud to Announce our Duality Tune
ECO Performance Technology!

Being the First tuning company in the market to offer a "Dual Tuning Solution" we are proud to be the first launching this in to the industry.

Bringing you the Economy of an Eco Tune with the Power of our Bespoke Stage 1 Tune!

Well , how does this work you may ask?

With our years of calibration experience we have created a solution that gives your vehicle Maximum Fuel Saving when driving in the range of 0-40 % Load / Pedal.

Thereafter 41-100% Load / Pedal we give you the Power of our Bespoke Stage 1 Tuning Solution!

Now you don't have to be stuck with only an Eco tune or only a Stage 1. Get the Best of both worlds now with Eagle Eye the calibration engineers Duality Tune!
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